Knight News Challenge

The Knight News Challenge accelerates media innovation by funding breakthrough ideas in news and information. Winners receive a share of $5 million in funding and support from Knight’s network of influential peers and advisors to help advance their ideas.

Throughout 2012, innovators from all industries and countries are invited to participate in three challenge rounds, each with focused topics on emerging trends.

Round 1 - on networks - is closed, and the winners will be announced June 18.

Round 2 - on data - will be open May 31 - June 21. We’re looking for new ways of collecting, understanding, visualizing and helping the public use the large amounts of information generated each day. Winners will be announced in late September.

Details on Round 3 will available later this year.

Anyone, anywhere can apply for the challenge - whether for-profit start-ups or non-profit ventures. For more information on a variety of topics - from guidelines for for-profits, on intellectual property licensing, open source software and more - visit our FAQ. , live TV powered by and for the people.

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1. What do you propose to do? [20 words] is a world wide TV station powered by people using mobile phone streaming technology.

2. Is anyone doing something like this now and how is your project different? [30 words]

Though there have been efforts to aggregate live stream content related to particular events (such as live streaming the occupy movement), the idea has not been developed in it’s full potential, aiming a world wide streaming network.

3. Describe the network with which you intend to build or work. [50 words] is built upon existing streaming networks like U-Stream and Tweet-Caster (twitter), aggregating all live streams into a single searchable map that reports what is happening world wide, something like a map-searchable live Youtube.

4. Why will it work? [100 words]

Because 1) the widespread use of mobile phones and increasing penetration of the internet, enables the capability of millions of smart phone users to be broadcasters of a world wide “live” TV. 2) though crowd-sourced video platforms like Youtube and Vimeo are successful, they do not satisfy the need for “live content”. 3) fills in that gap, by aggregating   into a single searchable map live-streamed content from all around the world. 4) Like Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr, creates the incentive to “post and be seen”. Live stream videos have never been as cool as in

5. Who is working on it? [100 words] started as a joint project between two leading social web entrepreneurs/developers: Felipe Heusser (Chile) founder of the Fundación Ciudadano Inteligente and Berkman Fellow at Harvard University, and Jeff Warren (USA) former Fellow at the MIT Civic Media Lab, co-founder of the Public Laboratory and well known for his balloon-mapping work. benefits from Felipe’s web-project development ability, and Jeff’s strong expertise in maps, coding and design. However,giving the open nature of,  more than Jeff’s and Felipe’s work, benefits from the collaboration of an open community of developers.

6. What part of the project have you already built? [100 words] is in it’s first stage of development. The architecture of the project has been already designed and an alpha version of is available online with it’s correlative code published on Github. The aim has been to build openly, publishing the code and each version online, inviting the web-developer community to get involved and collaborate to build the people’s streaming tv.

7. How would you sustain the project after the funding expires? [50 words]

The sustainability of relies on the ability of the website to engage with a widespread community of users and web developers. The aim is to secure a permanent feed of live-stream content, as well as to foster a collaborative loop of software building.

Requested amount from Knight News Challenge: $USD 350,000
Expected amount of time required to complete project: 18 Months.
Total Project Cost:$USD 350,000

Name: Felipe Heusser Ferrés
Twitter: @fheusser
Country: Chile and United States

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